Gmail Size Search : Find all Emails with Large Attachments

You can search Gmail inbox messages by size by using option operator "Size" option.

If you want to know which mail have more in size and eating big size let’s find out in your inbox, In Gmail we have a option to find out file exists with big size just dig data and delete if that not necessary for you.

Gmail supports all its users to find out big size files quickly by using syntax search big mails and the search syntax is

Size: [size in bytes]


For your information we will give you quick example Go to search bar of Gmail account put query like size: 5428897 and then in a minute the files which has more than 5MB will be listed automatically, If you need to identify files has more than 10Mb use this query size: 10658974, you can search the file more than 5MB, 8MB, 10MB this search make really easy to identify higher size.

One more search type available that is combine search type operator with filename:ext and has:attachement with this search you will get all the data which has in this particular type.

Large file attachments Gmail Size Search

size:7mb has attachment filename:MS Word - files larger than 7mb and particularly pdf format files will comes under search result.


size:10mb has:attachment - The mails which has larger than 10mb will appear in search result.


Not only by file type, size user can put larger, larger_than, small_than files type also you can find, With combination of different search will let you know what are the different types of files available in your Gmail storage.


Use query like larger_than : 6mb smaller_than 10mb will lead you the data which has file size between 6mb to 10mb in case if you feel these mails waste just select mail and delete permanently from your Gmail.

How to search mails with attachments

Do you want to find files has attachments then lets read article up to end. We all love Gmail because many reasons like it's free, popup option, phone contacts can be stored, huge storage space, offline accessibility. By Gmail you can send up to 25MB maximum file size but if you want to search and remove large attachments then follow these steps.

How to Use Gmail search option efficiently?

In Gmail 2 types of mail search options available normal search, advanced search with filter there are options to sort-out mails like subject, sender and label. If in case large files exists in inbox search by using advanced option and delete it, because Google allows up to 15 GB of internal storage. Imagine your friends sent videos, photos to you in Gmail and you want to don't keep files which are not necessary follow these steps to find those and delete permanently from inbox to keep good space.

We can’t remember file name which is not necessary so search it by names and delete all related files. Keep Empty space: 15 GB storage space available in Gmail doesn’t think it's unlimited in case if you sent any videos, attachments, large data files to keep empty space.

Keep it in your mind always keep inbox empty, remove all files often not necessary to you permanently, every day organize large files as soon as possible. How to use advanced search option

Many ways to identify big size attachments in Gmail through advanced option; it is nothing but while searching use filter option with good keystrokes.

Different specific filters type used to search specific mails for example. 

  • has:attachment - This search type used to find out attachment file files.
  • has:drive|presentation|spreadsheet|document - To find out drive, sheet, document, slides or link this search type will be used.
  • filename:.doc - Particular document type searched by this way.
  • filename:.doc AND filename:html - To get documents with html link this is been used.


To Get particular file size follow this type of search

When you open email check size then decide which files has more in size then that will be a fat mail means contains attachments, if you need to get particular size emails then use bellow search types.

  • size:5mb older_than:2y
  • size:10mb older_than:1y
  • larger:5mb
  • smaller:15mb
  • Between specific size use larger: 10mb smaller: 20mb

Get Big Attachments Gmail: Find BigMail 

Are you looking for the free tool to find email by size then Find Big Mail is there for you, it is the best safer tool won't save or keep your data privacy right after the usage you can delete all the data it’s been saved. Initially while signup you need to grant of access Gmail data right after that Find Big Mail will start to a scan Gmail account details. It will take a while to access data once all the data been scanned you will notify to start using services. Login into your Gmail then check all label list important things to be identify is Find Big Mail app, by using label find out big size emails:

Top (Biggest emails)

More than 2mb size mails

Between 50 to 200mb files

between 10mb to 500mb attachments


Find Big Mail app completed huge job for you to perform declutter of inbox follow these steps.

  1. Select label with big attachments mails and click messages with multiple attachments.
  2. Follow few of these important Gmail instructions to delete mails those you don't want permanently.
  3. After deleting open trash box clear all the mails to free up Gmail space.

Maintain Gmail inbox attachments like pro

We all know most space consuming files in the form of video attachments/pictures/ppt files/pdf files, compile few of the emails and maintain good balance by storing them if in case not necessary discard them.

Size 30mb: This search will sort out all the mails size larger than 30mb, there are many different search you can perform, if the number you increase causing decreasing in no of results. Here trail and error methods applicable to narrow down good results. 

Larger than 1mb smaller: 5mb

In case if need to identify certain size for example between 1mb to 5mb you can use commands to find these attachments.

Search older mails: 2021/08/25

Do you need to check older messages at specific date here you can find easily, you can delete bulk emails, combine mails according to the keyword/size.