Find Public Bathroom Near Your Current Location

If you are a traveller every time are you struggling to find out toilet and public bathrooms then don't worry now bathroom finder option available in Google map you could find out easily in new location. Download Google map app on play store open it then in search bar type public bathrooms near me make shore your location is on in your device. Google map will show different options with location within a fraction of second based on your current location.

It works with voice and Google assistant try this today you will get near in your location. In case if you are a user of basic set not having location option instead of near me just use normal search as public toilets with address.


If in case you are in Agra then query should be like toilets in Tajmahal or restrooms near Taj hotel.


When it comes to India more than 1 lacks public toilets in rural areas, you could get this details on Google map, if in case you are not at know how to use internet then don't worry just dial to this no 8009191000 from your own mobile then you will get near public toilet room which is near to your present location.

Google on April 2019 officially announced update of Google map that now onwards public Toilets information will be available and also how close is the public toilet, walk route map will be available on map services, Until today across country more than 57000 toilet rooms details had put on map, Over all 2500 cities data on map. As usual to use this option go to Google search put text like Public toilets near me then a complete toilet room data will be available on Google map.

The Google map team said with media we always been trying to help users and explore, navigate the world where ever, whenever they want. It also helped government to maintain Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan. Earlier it was tough task to maintain good clean routine of Public toilets this Google update will make easier to track neatness.

2 Most Helpful Apps to Find Toilets and Bathroom Near You

Everyone should be aware of these Apps because to get relief near you check Apps shows Bathroom near you. During this pandemic situation few apps will help you in many ways.

When you are outside if a nature calls comes to you finding a bathroom is one of the biggest challenge in fact it a venture challenge if you don't the place then it could be worst to you, in order to come out situation there only few online stuffs and Apps help us so kindly download these Apps to get Bathroom location on your phone.



It is perfect for all of us available at free of cost go to Google my store download it for both Androids, iphones, Windows, iPods. This Bathroom locator view the exact location of yours and bathroom Based on hygiene and maintenance  users can review in that app by giving stars and even text note also recommended, photo upload, add new toilet locations, right now more than 250000 location available in its data.

Where to Wee

It is a another App at free of cost shows Bathroom locations, it supports almost all devices like mobiles, windows mobile, Apple iOS etc. Based on clean many previous user of bathroom given review that will help you to understand quality, Here in this review like Gray means under rated, yellow means average, Green means clean review system is there.