Find Out the Song Name Without Knowing the Lyrics

We all faced this while sitting in hotel with family or while driving there is a beautiful song playing in some one's phone then you could have felt have it on your phone then there is a common question come to mind what is that song without lyrics how you will get to know name of that song.

If you don't know the name of that song then use these techniques to figure out

If you try to find out through Google or Bing search by using a few words that you remember, it won't be possible to figure it out. At least you need an artist name. If you don't have these details it is quite hard to identify the song that you loved in the street. Well don't worry there are many music recognition software and website available on online by using that you could definitely identify song without lyrics use app while playing music around you the app will does everything automatically these are the apps you have to install to find out song these are only for android users for iphone users Shazam app is the best option. how you can identify songs with this app is while playing around you open the app record song and then click identify song, in shazam app only one problem is it identify song only with recorded voice.

Shazam App:

In Shazam app there are 5 free times you can identify songs in a month. It also comes with a paid option at 4.99$, unlimited songs recognition will be done through. Not only this app there are many apps available to identify unknown songs. Let me give you a brief about free apps.


Awesome Iphone to identify unknown songs just hold phone with app open automatically app will recognize the song it is not available for free recharge with $3 and use unlimited times available worldwide it supports iPhone, Android, Windows, Java phones to recognize audio songs. This also works similar to the Shazam app; it works with only recorded audio. One of the unique features of this app is you can operate with SMS and phone dial. Only you need to dial a given number and hold your mobile phone for a while then a few minutes after you will get song details through SMS.

Try with your own voice to find out


Everyone have their own choice of best song on their own use microphone you singing song this app Midomi will definitely able to help you out to find song that you are singing, you could try also with unknown song to recognize name of the song. Unique feature of this app is through web search. you could use it for the  best use. We recommend you to put green volume then go for the test because this procedure will help you to reduce background noises. One good news is it is available at free of cost with the app and also the app supports IPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows similarly like other apps just hold the phone when the song is playing for a few seconds it identifies the song immediately.


Midomi 100% free for online users it has been serving wonderfully for the users it support all the devices like Android, Windows, iPhone, just open app record song for a while then automatically app will let you know which song is it and full details of song.


Record a bit clip to recognize the song

Have you recorded any songs on your phone the language of that song you don't know then don't worry you have app like Audio Tag, it will help you to identify non cognizable song which is in unknown language, you need to upload bit snippet into the app for better result you should upload bit of audio anywhere in the song or you could upload entire song. If you don't have the whole song you can upload a recorded song on your mobile, this app supports all devices.

Find out song with the help of Humans

Many times apps, computers, tools can't able to identify song in this time you can take help of humans to identify song, Watzat is a site available for all individuals who are looking to identify song

It is mainly a social site in which many registered persons who love music are waiting for your question. Once you upload the song, registered people will help you to identify the song, name of the song. Getting suggestions is not so easy in this app but if you provide complete information that you have about the song then it is a bit easier for registered people to identify instantly. instead of apps there are many social media sites you can go ask for help definitely you will get complete information of that song like Album name, singer, language.

Take help of Virtual Keyboard to identify song

Musipedia it helps to search songs by playing song notes on piano keyboard or on your whistling with a microphone, most of the people using it to recognize old classical music it is also called it as song Wikipedia. This one is completely different from all other apps because if you have the melody of that particular song then that's enough to recognize the original song.